What is Shaping

Shaping is the term used to describe the slowing of a connection that has exceeded its allotted download allowance for a period.

Depending on your plans all broadband services are shaped to 64kbps, 128kbps, 256kbps, 384kbps or 512kbps  for the period in which you have exceeded your quota (ie remainder of the current billing period). Shaping is applied to the upload or download connection.

At the end of your current billing perod, the normal speeds of your plan and your quota will be reset. We never charge excess fees on plans that include shaping.

If the customer wants the service to remove the shaping before the quota reset, they may buy excess data.
Example your account is 30gb and once you reach 30gb your then charged 1c per mb of downloaded data.
We do not charge of uploads on ADSL, EOC, EFM or ADSL2+ Accounts.

On Mobile Broadband we count uploads and downloads toward the same total. Once your quote is reached the device then will be charged a recharge fee in accordance with your plan.
You have a 1gb 3G Plan.  Once you use 1gb of data your device is then recharged, and the plan allowance is reset and the expiry date is also moved to 30 days in from the recharge

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