Why am I getting SPAM ?

Spam is generated from many sources, but all have the same purpose, to make you do what the spammers ask. This is normally done by convincing the reader to click on a provided link (URL) in an effort to make them money or to steal your personal details.

A lot spam today is due to 'bots' randomly generating usernames for a domain and sending the junk to them e.g. Often you will see spam messages in your inbox that are not even addressed to you and may or may not be addressed to someone else on the same domain e.g. an email might be sent to joebloggs@overflow.net.au, yet your own address has received it. This is because your address, probably like hundreds of others, is in the 'BCC' field. This means that it can't be seen by any recipients.

Spam like this can also be generated by malware installed on your computer or someone else's computer who may have your email address. In this case, there is little that you can do to prevent it.

Overflow Internet actively scans incoming email for you and tries to weed out as much junk as possible. This is not always as easy as it sounds, as what might be spam to one customer, may be legitimate email to another. So, it's necessary to be lenient on the removal of these messages.

It is recommended that if you are receiving a large amount of spam to your inbox, you can try one of a few things:

  • Use Webmail (https://hosting.oih.com.au:2096) to log in to our servers and remove the unwanted messages before downloading to your mail program

  • Look at the feasibility of changing your email address

Some handy tips to avoid being caught by spam:

  • It is a good idea to never click on links from unreliable or unknown sources.

  • Never reply to messages that might offer an address to stop receiving the spam.
    This simply proves that your email address is real and active, so you will most likely receive more junk.

  • Be mindful of what information is being asked and whether the process is secure
    i.e. never change your passwords or try to update your credit cards in a reply message

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