How to complete a DSL Fault Report

To report a DSL1 fault, please complete the following form and post in a new support ticket (removing the explanations of each question first):

Customer Name: the name of the person who appears on the phone bill usually

Site Contact Details: the name and phone number of the onsite contact

FNN number/s: the adsl number of the faulty service

Address where DSL is installed:

DSL username:

DSL password:

Speed of service (xxx/xxx): eg. 256/64, 512/128, 512/512, 1500/256, Open1

Has this service worked previously ?: yes or no

CPE brand and model: (brand of modem/router)

WAN IP address: if static ip, please list, or put "Dynamic"

Bridged or Routed?: Routed (all connections with APCS are routed)

Problem Description:eg. "no sync" or "no auth" or "dropout" or "speed fault" and a quick out line of what has happened and steps taken to remedy fault

Protocol PPPoA or PPPoE?: (see inside adsl modem config to check this)

Colour of Link Light?: green, yellow, red etc, if it is solid or flashing please incluide this info

CPE connected to NIC or USB port?: NIC or USB

Is there dial tone?: is there a dial tone on the phone line

Is a filter installed?: is there a line filter installed

Has an Isolation Test been performed?: remove all devices and line filters from the line and plug the adsl modem in and connect it direct to the wall socket without a filter

Is a Back2Base Alarm installed? (a filter must be installed):

Is Foxtel Digital installed?: yes or no

CPE switched on?: YES

Does the end user appear in the auth logs?: (check Ezy2 for login attempts)

If there are dropouts, is sync lost?: if there is no sync problems, please answer with "N/A"

Are other users connecting to the same core router?: (are any of your other adsl customers connecting?) yes or no for this one

Can you ping the WAN IP?: yes or no (if the user has no line sync or no auth then this would be no)

Modem modulation type?: G.DMT or MMODE, Multimode, G.Lite, T.413, ADSL2 or ADSL2 etc

[For no auth faults] Has a password reset been performed? YES only answer with yes if it is an auth fault, if not put "N/A"

[For no auth faults] Have you verified that the EU login and password details are entered correctly? YES only answer with yes if it is an auth fault, if not put "N/A"

[For speed faults] Have you completed FTP speed tests? Results?
Speed tests MUST be completed from the below site:
Optus  from

They do not need to download the whole file as max speed should be reached within 20 - 30 seconds

Connection Type / Typical KB/s
56K Dialup / 7 KB/s
256/64 ADSL / 25 - 32 KB/s
512/128 ADSL / 45 - 64 KB/s
1500/256 ADSL / 150 - 188 KB/s
8000/384 ADSL / 150 - 1000 KB/s
24/1 ADSL2+ / 150 - 3000 KB/s

[For dropout faults] How often does the service drop out? answer with "N/A" unless it is a dropout fault.

[For dropout faults] Do the dropouts occur at any particular time of day? answer with "N/A" unless it is a dropout fault.

[For dropout faults] Do the dropouts occur after a period of being idle? answer with "N/A" unless it is a dropout fault.

[For dropout faults] Does a reset of the equipment provide a temporary fix for the dropout answer with "N/A" unless it is a dropout fault.

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